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Achieving our customers’ sustainability targets and building a greener future

The transport industry is absolute in its requirement for maximum uptime and just-in-time demand, yet faces significant challenges regarding environmental impact and the consequent position of corporate social responsibility. Marshall Fleet Solutions is committed to assisting our customers with tackling this important aspect of delivery.

Powered by the ingenuity of our in-house renewables team, we offer a range of products based on pioneering new alternative energy technologies for road transport. We have the unique industry position of being able to deliver a range of products and services in one place that focus solely on emissions reduction - from the Thermo King and Frigoblock ranges of refrigeration equipment to electrification solutions including solar power generation, and a low emissions drop-in replacement for fossil fuel.

Our expert team is on hand to help you make a transition to cleaner technology and electrification of refrigeration systems - all at a pace that suits your specific needs.

Our range of electric units and renewable solutions are cleaner, more efficient, save significant fuel costs and comply with latest clean air standards and vehicle standing time restrictions. They have lower maintenance costs, powerful, rapid temperature pulldown and have demonstrated a strong return on investment.

Diesel-free solar energy meeting the transport refrigeration industry’s challenges

Marshall Fleet Solutions’ cutting-edge Titan system combines solar power and electricity from the grid to enable zero-carbon, zero-diesel operation of transport refrigeration units.

Most operators lack the resources to replace their existing fleet (even gradually) with new vehicles or transport refrigeration units, but before Titan there were no viable solutions for electrifying existing units.

Tasked with filling this gap, the Renewables team at Marshall Fleet Solutions responded with Titan: a retrofittable, affordable, adaptable and scalable product that is proven to save fuel and eliminate CO2 and particulate matter emissions.

Unlike any other system in the marketplace, Titan can be either retrofitted or incorporated into a new build, and supports all classes of refrigerated vehicle. This means temperature-controlled sector operators can start electrifying their fleet quickly and affordably, while planning further rollout in a way that balances their fleet management and sustainability priorities.

How the system works

Titan uses a combination of solar PV and onboard energy storage to provide 100% consistent power to the fridge, reducing fuel costs, noise and emissions.

Energy is stored in a high-powered onboard battery to electronically power the fridge unit.

The battery unit is charged overnight and topped up during the day by harnessing free solar energy energy.

The Titan system also provides a wealth of valuable real-time analytics, ensuring that operators can monitor the system to validate CO2 and fuel savings, or track performance against their specific sustainability targets.

Configurable to individual customer needs

The Titan system’s modular design leads to unmatched configurability, allowing us to tailor our build to the specific needs of each customer.

The lightweight, high-powered, high-performance solar panels can be fitted to the roof of all shapes and sizes of vehicle, and are compatible with all makes of TRU (both single-temp and multi-temp). The mounting positions of the system’s lightweight lithium batteries can be optimised to match vehicle type, ensuring their overall payload is not reduced and can even be increased in many instances.

Since the system was developed by Marshall Fleet Solutions using digital twin technology, any refrigerated vehicle system can be modelled for compatibility with Titan. Likewise, battery capacity can be adapted to meet different operating parameters, such as running times and temperature requirements.

Maintenance packages

Day-to-day maintenance of the Titan system couldn’t be simpler, but for extra peace of mind our flexible and affordable Marshall ASSIST packages can be added or upgraded to incorporate Titan system repair and maintenance. These will cover everything ranging from annual servicing and compliance checks to replacement or management of components to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

With over 200 mobile service engineers providing our customers with unrivalled national service support, Marshall Assist is the flexible, budget-friendly option for full peace of mind. PAYGO options are also available.

Since the Titan system and technology have been incorporated into the training provided at our industry-leading in-house Centre of Excellence, our engineers will be fully equipped to work on Titan alongside our Thermo King and Frigoblock product offering. This means we can give Titan customers access to our full nationwide team, with no need to rely on third parties for support.

Find out more about our maintenance packages

Ready to meet the needs of the future

While Titan was created to meet the pressures facing the industry here and now, its sheer versatility allows us to adapt the system to tackle future needs and capture new opportunities that come with technological advances.

If and when the industry eventually shifts to full-scale adoption of battery-electric vehicle powertrains, Titan will be able to serve as a very effective vehicle range-booster by continuing to power the TRU without drawing energy from the traction battery. This principle has already been proven in the LCV sector and holds true for heavy-duty vehicle applications.

Electric transport refrigeration units

Marshall Fleet Solutions is leading the charge towards a greener future in the cold chain industry, and we have seen how power of electrification can pave the way for significant reductions in your fleet's carbon footprint.

With expert guidance from our renewables team, transitioning to electric refrigeration units can be effortless, and yields benefits from day one.

As a proud Thermo King and Frigoblock dealer, we provide a diverse range of electric temperature-controlled transport solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Advancer AxlePower

Recover Lost Energy to Power Your Refrigeration Unit

Thermo King's AxlePower technology captures energy lost while your vehicles are on the road and converts it into a power source for trailer refrigeration. Developed in partnership with BPW, this innovative system leverages decades of expertise in refrigerated transport to keep your load at optimum temperature.

Fits effortlessly into your existing fleet

AxlePower is tractor-agnostic, allowing you to easily mix and match trailers and tractors for seamless integration into your fleet. Since the system is entirely located on the trailer, it is compatible with any tractor power source, including diesel, LNG, CNG, hydrogen, and fully electric vehicles.

low-noise, high-powered performance

The ability to turn off the unit’s engine significantly reduces your vehicle’s CO² emissions. This enables your fleet to make deliveries in Low and Zero Emission Zones (ZEZ) within city centers, ensuring compliance with current and future regulations.

Optimised Efficiency

By capturing and utilising free energy, AxlePower can save potentially thousands of litters of fuel per unit per year. Additionally, recovering the energy generated by braking helps reduce wear on brake pads for both the tractor and trailer, resulting in longer service intervals and lower running costs due to significantly reduced engine usage.

Increased Flexibility

AxlePower operates with any tractor, making your existing refrigerated trailer fleet compatible with Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ).

Smart Switching Between Charging Modes

AxlePower automatically switches between three modes: Recuperation Mode, Passive Mode, and Active Mode. In Recuperation Mode, energy is recovered during braking or downhill travel, charging the battery for zero-emission operation without affecting the tractor’s fuel consumption. Passive Mode is engaged when the battery is sufficiently charged or when transporting non-temperature-sensitive cargo, with Smart Power Management maintaining a passive state until needed. In Active Mode, when battery charge is low, the system uses axle generators to harvest power, primarily on long, flat roads, minimising impact on fuel consumption and ensuring efficient energy use.

With AxlePower's smart power management capabilities, your drivers can confidently tackle any journey, ensuring your goods remain perfectly refrigerated throughout transit.

View the Advancer AxlePower Brochure

HVO fossil-free fuel

Biodegradable, low emissions and odourless

With the government pledging to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% by 2050, the need for sustainable fuels has never been greater. This means emissions from homes, transport, farming and industry will have to be almost entirely eliminated.

At Marshall Fleet Solutions, we offer HVO - a fossil-free, paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials including waste fats and vegetable oils that have been transformed into biofuel through hydrogenation. A more sustainable high-quality form of diesel fuel, HVO is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators.

HVO is a cleaner fuel than diesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester – biodiesel), and complies with EN15940 & ASTM D97 5 requirements. Unlike biodiesel, it doesn’t deteriorate over time and can be used in extreme temperatures.

To make the transition even easier, HVO is a drop-in replacement for gas oil/red diesel.


Environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable

Made from sustainable and renewable raw materials; reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 90%


Low viscosity levels

Excellent cold weather performance


Great alternative solution

Compatible with all off-road diesel engines


Long storage stability

Improved safety, stability and storage compared to regular diesel, reducing the need for regular testing

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