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Following in his father's footsteps: Lewis Darrington's journey with Marshall Fleet Solutions

Following in his father's footsteps: Lewis Darrington's journey with Marshall Fleet Solutions

For many young people, choosing a career path can be daunting. For Lewis Darrington, the decision was clear from a very young age, thanks largely to time spent watching his father David at work as a Mobile Refrigeration Engineer.

As a young boy, Lewis would climb into his father’s van and join him on service and breakdown calls, watching proudly as his father expertly carried out repairs. Lewis fondly recalls getting up on Saturday mornings, hopping into the van with his father and heading out on calls. “I remember going out and watching him and thinking, ‘Yeah, I’d love to do that.’” His father, now a technical training manager for Marshall Fleet Solutions, was a constant source of inspiration.

For Lewis, deciding what to do with his life was always straightforward. He didn't even think to apply for another career path. “I never thought about doing anything else. This was always what I wanted to do. I would have been really stumped if I didn’t get the job,” he explains.

When Lewis joined Marshall as an apprentice in 2019, he was placed under the expert guidance of his father’s old mentor, Robert. Robert's mantra, “I’ll never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself,” fostered a positive learning environment where Lewis felt supported, building his confidence and honing his craft.

With encouragement from his supportive family, Lewis has built a reputation for being thorough, dedicated, and resilient.

As Lewis nears the end of his apprenticeship, he reflects on the aspects of the job he enjoys the most. “Every day is different; you never know where you will go or what you will find on a call out, from unexpected cargo to jobs that test your fault-finding and problem-solving skills,” he says.

“You get to see all kinds of things, but the nicest part of the job is dealing with real people. Everyone just gets along. I can have a laugh with my boss, but when work needs to be done, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done to the highest quality standards – a job you can be proud of doing.”

Lewis learned to take pride in his work from his father, David. He comments, “I have always been proud of my work and if I have a little one, I’d love them to come with me on jobs just like I did with my dad.”

The apprenticeship standard has significantly developed since Lewis started his training, and Marshall played a pivotal role in this process. Marshall Fleet Solutions was proud to lead the Trailblazer to launch the dedicated Mobile Transport Refrigeration Technician apprenticeship. This qualification has been designed from the ground up to develop all the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to install, service, and repair transport refrigeration units.

There is a growing technical skills gap in the logistics sector, and Marshall is committed to help fill that gap by employing and training new talent. To find out more about MFS apprenticeships and other opportunities to join our team, visit our careers page: Marshall Fleet Solutions Careers.

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the legacy of the Darrington family and invite you to consider a future with Marshall Fleet Solutions. Join us in building a brighter, more innovative future.