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Thermo King Introduces Advancer Whisper Pro

Thermo King Introduces Advancer Whisper Pro

The new A-500 Whisper Pro trailer unit complies with the most stringent noise-regulations and allows for quiet night deliveries with no compromise on capacity.

Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, introduced today the latest, ultra-quiet addition to its Advancer A-Series trailer refrigeration systems – the A-500 Whisper Pro. The new model is compliant with the most stringent noise regulations including PIEK[1], and allows for inner-city deliveries at any time of day and night.

Thermo King A-Series units are up to 30% more fuel-efficient and offer are up to 40 percent quicker pull down than the market average. The A-500 Whisper Pro offers the same high performance with sound level below the PIEK enforced 60 dB (A) standard.

“European cities are committed to reducing the level of noise emission to improve inner-city living conditions. It’s one of the key requirements for transporters operating in urban areas to ensure their refrigeration units meet the strict noise regulations,” said Laurent Debias, product and marketing director at Thermo King in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “For decades, Thermo King has prioritized noise attenuation across all its product lines. Advancer units are already one of the most silent trailer refrigeration units on the market today. With our Whisper Pro model, we went the extra mile and our offering our customers the highest cooling capacity for a trailer unit that can enter a city at night.”

The A-500 Whisper Pro is using geo-fencing to automatically switch into low-noise mode when entering a pre-defined zone. This allows the transporters to operate unrestricted day and night schedules with the peace of mind that the unit complies with the regulations in the given area.

“Studies show that operating outside rush hour can result in 14% faster distribution routes”, said Colm O’Grady, product manager Trailer at Thermo King.“ With the A-500 Whisper Pro, dispatchers can plan a more efficient night route, to avoid rush hour, traffic jams and save precious time. Our new Advancer unit offers them more flexible operations and more possibilities to deliver their freight.”

Thermo King Advancer A-Series includes unique features that comprehensively address a wide range of operational and financial challenges, including:

  • Complete transparency of fuel levels and fuel consumption. Customers can easily access the fuel consumption data of the unit – recorded, displayed, and made available remotely via telematics.
  • Fully variable airflow that can be regulated for each journey and cargo, and is independent from unit engine speed
  • Unrivalled electrical and fuel efficiency contributing to lower CO2 footprint and engines with 50 percent less emissions than the maximum allowed by latest NRMM Stage V emission standards
  • Lower maintenance costs and enhanced serviceability compared to the predecessor, thanks to sensors offering more insight into the engine, fuel, battery and the performance of other key components
  • Future-ready power agnostic capabilities that can utilize diesel, axle generator, or shore power sources with ease
  • 2 years of full telematics connectivity in the purchase price.

For more information on the TK Advancer fuel saving campaign, please contact Marshall Fleet Solutions.

For more information on Thermo King Advancer, please visit tkadvancer.com.