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Marshall Pharma

Marshall Pharma

Raising the bar for pharma distribution and addressing the precise needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Recognising the challenges facing manufacturers and logistics companies today are already significant, the addition of temperature critical parameters, compliance, risk assessment, regulation and the importance of getting it right first time and every time, pharmaceutical distribution demands a focus and respect that exceeds the normal working expectation.

Maintaining the quality and integrity of medical and biological products during transport is critical for pharmaceutical manufacturers and logistics providers.

At Marshall Pharma we have a dedicated and experienced team who recognise the need to provide the pharmaceutical transport industry with the highest quality products and services that have been developed to ensure pharmaceutical companies deliver with absolute confidence, integrity and security that QA, compliance and the very best practice is adhered to and delivered at every stage.

Marshall Pharma Solutions

Marshall Pharma offers a full range of Thermo King equipment for temperature-controlled transportation, for trailer, truck and vehicle powered units as well as Thermo King ColdCube™ containers.

Road Solutions – Truck & Trailer (-30°C to +30°C)

For long-haul road transportation and urban distribution, Thermo King has GDP certified technologies for every size of trailer and truck.


Advancer and SLXi series units for trailers that offer the highest cooling and heating capacities for both single and multi-compartment applications.

Self-powered T-Series with diesel or hybrid versions for large trucks, as well as electric standby during loading and unloading.

Vehicle-powered V-Series designed for vehicles ranging from small vans to 7.5 ton-trucks, with tight temperature control and low noise operation.

Select options to deliver the best fuel performance, less overall servicing, and operational flexibility – while maintaining temperature accuracy of +/- 1°C.

Last Mile Distribution – Vans & Small Trucks (-30°C to +30°C)

For inner-city deliveries requiring whisper quiet and full electric transport refrigeration, Thermo King delivers market-leading innovation that’s proven to keep loads in optimal condition.


Vehicle-powered B/E Series fully electric, temperature control units for vehicles up to 3.5 tons that enable 24/7 last-mile city distribution.

Cold Cube mobile refrigerated containers portable, fully electric powered, and highly mobile freezing containers available in 5 sizes and 16 standard configurations, with full Bluetooth connectivity.

Fully electric options that comply with noise regulations (incl. PIEK standards) and urban access requirements (UVARs), while delivering outstanding temperature control.

Connected Solutions

To reduce the risk of damage, loss of quality and wastage of high value medical and biological products, the Marshall Pharma product suite is supported by state-of-the-art Connected Solutions. Using GPS technology, you can track, trace, and monitor every shipment as they happen, interact with units in response to local conditions, and gain alerts of any problems to respond fast to any emerging problem.

Maintenance Packages

To maintain the quality and integrity of medical and biological products during transport, Marshall Pharma offers a set of services that support you in activities around quality risk management. Preventative maintenance and easy access to service history are important priorities in our service and 33 Comments in moderation maintenance contract range.

Our packages offer you the comfort of our full range of services; all the benefits of preventative maintenance on your fleet and full coverage in case of breakdown. Inspections and services are adjusted to meet GDP guidelines. Due to the sensitivity of the cargo, we secure prioritised treatment and follow up in case of breakdown.

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Maintenance Packages

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