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Josh Hoskins - Proving what he can do

Josh Hoskins - Proving what he can do

Questions for Josh

Can you give us an update on how you are enjoying your role at MFS and how your working life has developed since joining our team in August 2022?

When I started at MFS it was my first job. I never dreamed I would be able to get a job. I started doing 4 hours on one day and now I work 4 hours on 2 days. My buddies and the whole team are brilliant. They’ve taught me lots of different things and are always there when I need them. I’ve got lots more skills now and I love working hard. I really love my job and MFS are great to work for.

You recently started a second job with another transport logistics company, Movianto. What is the best thing about having two places to work?

Having 2 jobs is great. I have 2 lots of friends, 2 jobs to learn, I can use my skills at both places. It makes me think hard because MFS and Movianto do things differently. The jobs are different but the teams at both places are lovely. The best thing is I always wanted to work 3 days a week and now I do, with lots of different things to do.

You clearly have a kind heart any enjoy helping others, we saw that you spent some of your wages on easter eggs for your local food bank, what does it mean to you to be able to do this?

I love helping other people. Mum helps at our local foodbank and I know they help lots of people. I asked Mum what I could do and we decided I could spend an hour’s wages each month to help out. When I’ve been paid we go to the supermarket and Mum helps me get the items they need. This month they want to give out Easter eggs with the food parcels so I got some of those. It makes me feel really good that I can help other people. One of my supporters on LinkedIn has set up a go fund me to support this. The goal was £750 and in just over a week it’s raised £990 so far.

We heard that you also bought a PS5 with the money you earned from work. It must have been a proud moment for you to be able to buy something you have wanted for a long time with your own money. What does it mean to you to have that financial independence?

I love earning money and being able to choose what I spend it on. I spoke to Mum soon after I started work about getting a PS5. We looked at how much I could save each month and we looked every month to see how I was getting on. I was getting close and then Black Friday meant I had enough money. It’s the first big thing I’d bought myself so I was so excited. When we go out I like treating people by buying them drinks and if I see something I like now I can get it. Christmas is great because I use money I’ve earned to get gifts for the people I love. I like choosing places for us to go to, we’ve just been to London to see Phantom of the Opera. I’m now saving for a big holiday, hopefully next year!

What is your favourite game to play on your PS5?

I love loads so it’s difficult to choose but my favourite is FIFA 24, I’m saving for FIFA 25 now.

Everyone we talk to at MFS says what a brilliant and valuable member of the team you are. How does being part of a working team make you feel?

It’s the best thing ever! Everyone is so friendly, I’ve got lots of mates and I get included in everything. It was brilliant when I went to the Christmas party with everyone, we had a great night. We have lots of football banter, especially on Mondays!

What is the biggest way working has changed your life?

In lots and lots of ways! I’m more confident, more independent, I feel very grown up, I make more decisions on my own, I have a real purpose. I really love life and working has made the difference, it’s my dream come true.

What are some of the most useful skills you have gained since starting your career?

I’ve learned to be a team player, to follow rules, the best way to do the job of a parts assistant, to have responsibility and to be a proud employee of MFS. I love working for them. I’ve really grown up and I couldn’t be more proud. Being part of the working world is the best thing.

What are your hopes for the future?

I want to get better at both of my jobs, to learn different things, to have more responsibility, to be more independent, to stay happy, to keep making my family proud. I also want to keep helping others with Downs Syndrome find jobs if they want to work and to help the foodbank.

You sign off all your social media posts with the sentence, “My name is Joshua and I’m proving what I can do.” We couldn’t agree more! Your mum is clearly a great advocate for you and she helps you to achieve your full potential every day. This question is for your mum - what advice do you have for other parents who are just starting their journey towards helping their children live more independent lives?

Wow! That’s a tough question. Josh has always wanted to do his best at whatever he’s done and always wanted to work. I believe that every one should follow their dreams and as parents it’s our role to believe in our youngsters and to support and encourage. As Josh has grown up I’ve needed to help him be the best him he can be. Sometimes it’s been scary as we’ve had to stand back and let him try. I remember his first day at MFS I felt sick when we dropped him off and the whole time he was gone – but he thrived and always does. Believe in your kids, be open to opportunities, stand back and let them follow their dreams. Don’t assume they can’t do, imagine what they can do! I’m so proud of him and everything he’s achieving. MFS have helped make his dream come true.

You can follow Josh on Linked In to keep up to date with all the amazing things he is doing.