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Huntapac puts efficiency front and centre with 22 new A400 Advancer units

Huntapac puts efficiency front and centre with 22 new A400 Advancer units

Huntapac, a leading player in the fresh produce industry, has acquired 22 new Thermo King A400 Advancer units from Marshall Fleet Solutions, reflecting its commitment to enhancing its operations while prioritising efficiency and sustainability.

Established in 1942, Huntapac has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality fresh produce across the UK and Europe. Due to the sheer breadth of its operations, Huntapac’s fleet requires the very best in temperature control solutions in order to deliver on its customer commitments.

Explaining Huntapac’s decision to opt for the Advancer, Head of Transport Joanne Cleece said, “Whilst we did look at other options, we knew we wanted to replace our old units with Advancer units.

“The first five Advancer units we ordered outperformed our existing ones in regards to fuel used, giving us confidence to expand our purchase. Since then, the Advancer has consistently met or exceeded our expectations.”

Cleece continued, “The combination of the Advancer’s technology with MFS’ customer service has been fantastic: there’s a great system for tracking and monitoring the Advancer’s performance. Everything is there in black and white, and it feels very open and honest. Being able to track the Advancer’s CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is very useful as I can share this within the business and attach a number to our environmental impact.”

Huntapac puts efficiency front and centre with 22 new A400 Advancer units

In addition to category-leading reliability, high quality components and fine-tuned temperature control, the Advancer A400 is renowned for its exceptional energy efficiency, outperforming other branded units by up to 33%. Advancers are built with sustainability at their core, from the carbon-neutral production of the unit itself through to a modular 48v mild hybrid architecture designed to adapt to a variety of renewable power sources. Additionally, the Advancer has been designed to maximise fleet uptime, achieving a 60% reduction in unscheduled servicing.

Another factor contributing to Huntapac’s considerations was the first-class customer service that Marshall Fleet Solutions has delivered to date. “The service from a customer and maintenance point of view is far better than any other supplier. It feels like you become a member of Marshall family. The MFS engineers also truly understand the product—I’d say they have the best technical understanding of any service provider for units that I’ve worked with to date. ” added Cleece.

Joanne continued, “We're looking forward to whatever new technologies MFS and Thermo King can bring to the table. Beyond the technology, it’s also about the people: MFS still have a very personal touch, which few companies offer these days. They care about the relationship enough to invest time in it, and that’s massive from our perspective.”

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