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Net Zero Solutions for the Cold Chain

Net Zero Solutions for the Cold Chain

At Marshall Fleet Solutions we are committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability targets and help to protect our future.

Marshall Renewables centres on Innovation and encompasses the very best in renewable energy solutions for road transport. MFS have the unique industry position of being able to deliver a range of products and services in one place that focus solely on emission reduction.

Titan - Diesel Free Energy for the Automation Industry

Titan is a hybrid system that combines power produced from lightweight, high-power solar panels and a Unique Energy Recovery System (UERS).

The state-of-the-art UERS captures the otherwise wasted energy e.g. when the vehicle is coasting or breaking, which is stored along with the solar energy in long life lightweight lithium batteries.

Utilising power derived from free energy, the system is capable of providing 100% free power to onboard refrigeration units or other applications.

Delivering unrivalled fuel and CO2 savings, the system is revolutionary in the future of the automotive industry.

Titan - Diesel Free Energy for the Automation Industry

How the system works;

Titan uses a combination of solar PV, UERS and onboard energy storage, to provide 100% consistent power to the fridge, reducing fuel costs, noise and emissions.

Energy is stored in a high-powered onboard battery to electronically power the fridge unit.

The battery unit is charged overnight and topped up during use by harnessing both solar and kinetic energy recovery.

Titan is available in two variants;

Solar-UERS – comprises solar panels and the state of the art Energy Recovery System (UERS) to power a lightweight lithium battery. Ideal for all diesel powered vehicles.

Solar – utilising solar panel only to power a lightweight lithium battery. A solar only system is perfect for Electric vehicles or for vehicles with limited mileage.

Maintenance Packages

Day-to-day maintenance of the Titan system couldn’t be simpler, keeping the logic box clean and debris-free is key, as is ensuring the solar panels are sparkling clean. For extra peace of mind our flexible Marshall Assist packages can be added or upgraded to incorporate repair and maintenance of your Titan system, performing annual servicing, compliance checks and components are replaced or managed to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

With over 200 mobile service engineers, providing our customers with unrivalled national service support, Marshall Assist is the flexible, budget friendly option for full peace of mind. PAYGO options are also available.

Find out more about our Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Packages

Green D+ HVO

Biodegradable, Low Emissions and Odourless

With the Government pledging that by 2050 carbon emissions are to reduce by up to 80%, the need for sustainable fuels has never been greater. This means that emissions from homes, transport, farming and industry will have to be avoided completely.

At MFS we offer Green D + HVO, a fossil-free, paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials. A more sustainable high quality of diesel fuel, that is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators. Produced from waste fats and vegetable oils, the fats are transformed into biofuel by hydrogenation.

Our alternative fuel, Green D + HVO, is a cleaner fuel that diesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester – biodiesel); it complies with EN15940 & ASTM D97 5. Unlike biodiesel it doesn’t deteriorate over time and can be used in temperature extremes.

Green D+ HVO, is a drop-in replacement for Gas Oil/Red Diesel and can be used in all diesel engines.

Green D+ HVO


Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable and Biodegradable
Made from sustainable and renewable raw materials, HVO reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 90%


Low Viscosity Levels
Has excellent cold weather performance


Great Alternative Solution
Compatible with all off-road diesel engines


Long Storage Stability
Improved safety, stability and storage compared to regular diesel, therefore reducing the need for regular testing

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