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Advanced fleet efficiency, compliance, safety and cost control

Advanced fleet efficiency, compliance, safety and cost control

Effective fleet management and the overall compliance of your fleet, are vital ingredients within today’s transport industry.

At MFS, we offer a proven suite of FM services to cover any equipment from cars right up to LCV’s and HGV’s, plus anything in between.

In managing your fleet compliance as well, MFS can help guide you through the maze of regulations, whilst ensuring greater fleet productivity as well as generating significant cost savings.

Suite of Services

The MFS offering is a truly one-stop shop to manage all fleet related items.

We work with our customers to ensure they operate a fully managed and legally compliant fleet of commercial vehicles.

This proven service is guaranteed to reduce the cost of operating and running your fleet, over the long term.

How will MFS Fleet Management benefit my fleet?

Solution for today’s busy commercial world

MFS Fleet Management is great solution for companies who purchase or hire/lease their own vehicles but do not have the time or resources to manage the complexities of running a fleet in today’s busy commercial world.

Fully managed fleet

Our fully managed fleet management service means that you can focus on other areas of your business, whilst we arrange servicing, MOT’s and any recoveries or replacement vehicles they may require on their behalf as well as much more

Specialist industry knowledge

Our commercial vehicle fleet management services and specialist industry knowledge extends through various markets, such as refrigerated vehicles, building and construction, home delivery, crane vehicles and food distributors to name but a few. No matter what market you operate in, MFS can manage your vehicles.

24/7 Always available

Our 24-hour regional and national operations teams will always be available to help your drivers get back on the road whether they have an accident, breakdown or an incident. MFS will manage the situation for you.

Gets you back on the road

MFS has developed specialist knowledge of how to provide fully managed fleet management for a range of markets, building a wide scope of service and repair centres to efficiently get its customers vehicles back on the road if they ever encounter any issues.

Flexible plans

All of our customers rely on MFS to keep their fleet compliant and operational through a choice of payment plans from fully comprehensive annual contracts through to flexible ‘pay as you go’ options. Our FM plans are built around your business needs.


Fleet compliance is a key driver for developing effective approaches to tasks such as the completion of maintenance checks on vehicles. It can be a complex and time-consuming business, but it’s one that is essential if your company doesn’t want to face the penalties and other problems that non-compliance could bring.

Fleet compliance has implications that could affect almost every aspect of your business. Ultimately, the solution lies in professional fleet management, which is becoming a ‘must’ for everyone with a large fleet of commercial vehicles.

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