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Where the best engineers get even better!

Where the best engineers get even better!

At MFS, we take training very seriously

Going back, we pioneered the concept of Mobile Service and it has been at the forefront of the MFS business for 50 years. We believe that MFS now has the BEST engineers in the business.

By investing heavily in planned individual training, MFS adds value to not only the business and its customers, but also to the individual engineer. Because of this, MFS engineers are recognised as the most qualified in the industry.

To maintain the consistency and quality of customer service from our refrigeration and tail lift engineers, the company operates probably the most developed and bespoke training programmes within the commercial vehicle industry.

With impressive in-house training facilities at our brand new state of the art Centre of Excellence and structured programmes created specifically for our front-line engineering teams, MFS engineers benefit from continuous learning to gain specialist qualifications and a career for life.

At MFS, we take training very seriously

Every day, MFS engineers are involved in active learning, in the classroom, in the workplace and online, by using some of the latest technology to learn and develop the skills required for the future.

MFS training programmes provide a roadmap for engineer development, delivering results for all skill levels, from fully experienced time served engineers through to specific engineering training for engineers on boarding from other backgrounds, as well as developing cross training skills across different disciplines.

Transport Refrigeration

MFS is the U.K.’s longest established, and largest, Thermo King sales and service dealer, and provides its engineers with the only Thermo King fully factory supported transport refrigeration training programmes currently available in the UK.

MFS is the only UK Thermo King dealer to have its own in-house Training School. No other UK company offers this level of training and development for Thermo King products, and all our in-house training is fully endorsed by Thermo King.

Responding to the rapidly changing technology and the need for highly trained technicians, MFS provides a mixture of workshop and classroom training, supported by continuous online training and assessment programmes. MFS engineers benefit from bespoke practical training covering every element of transport refrigeration, even including electrical training.

With over 20 different courses, ranging from basic refrigeration through to advanced training for multi-temperature Truck and Trailer systems, together with Vehicle Powered (VP) and Electric units, Marshall Thermo King product training is the envy of the industry, and our competition.

Tail Lift, Lifting Decks & Shutters

With an emphasis on compliance and statutory examinations, the MFS training programme for ancillary equipment such as tail lift, lifting decks and shutters ensures that all MFS tail lift engineers are competent and impartial, with an extensive knowledge and practical experience of lifting equipment.

They are trained to recognise potential defects that might be a safety risk should the tail lift or lifting decks and shutters continue to be used, when faulty.

Understanding of the latest LOLER regulations/STE examinations form an integral part of all MFS training programmes.

MFS Apprenticeships. The Future.

The UK Logistics industry continues to face major challenges in attracting and recruiting fresh young talent into the industry but there is an ever growing need to do so mainly though the provision of approved apprenticeship schemes.

With such an opportunity to reshape the logistics landscape, Marshall Fleet Solutions, is taking a proactive approach to the problem by developing a brand-new apprenticeship programme in transport refrigeration for the next generation of talent.

Marshall Fleet Solutions already operate a successful apprenticeship scheme and its parent company, Marshall of Cambridge, has been delivering its award winning apprenticeship programmes for over a century having trained well in excess of 20,000 young people for careers in automation, engineering and aerospace.

The new apprenticeship programme, will be the first of its kind in the UK and once approved, MFS aim to enrol 10 apprentices per year starting in September 2023. The programme will be aimed at school leavers but also to those considering a career change.

Marshall Fleet Solutions – Investing in our Future Generation of Engineers.

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