If you have ever had the need to rent, or buy, temperature-controlled vehicles but never really had the regular loads to justify them, there is a simple way now that any business can convert its vans and trucks into temperature-controlled vehicles, literally in just one minute.

Equally important is the fact that the vehicles can also be converted back to dry freight vehicles just as quickly once the temperature sensitive deliveries are completed.

With the Thermo King Cold Cube™ mobile refrigeration products, it is possible to instantly transform a fleet of vehicles for temperature-controlled applications.

Supplied by Marshall Fleet Solutions, the U.K.’s longest established Thermo King dealer, Cold Cube™ is available from MFS on either a purchase or hire basis, which will give operators complete flexibility in terms of matching the specification to individual seasonal and operational requirements.

“We regularly talk to customers who are looking for a short-term solution for temperature-controlled distribution, especially when there are seasonal requirements like the peak festive period. With Cold Cube™, we have the most flexible and portable mobile refrigeration systems for non-fridge vehicles and they are ideally suited to smaller loads allowing refrigeration optimisation in vehicles alongside non-refrigerated products,” said Mark Howell, managing director, Marshall Fleet Solutions, “And then, when you don’t need the refrigeration capacity, your vehicles can be returned back to their daily dry freight specification within seconds.”

Cold Cube™ sits comfortably along side non-temperature controlled products during delivery

The Thermo King Cold Cube™ product range is available in a choice of six different sizes, ranging from 32 to 950 litres capacity, providing freezing and cooling capabilities from 40°C to -24°C, with all units maintaining consistent temperature with smooth airflow distribution evenly throughout the load being carried.

Each Cold Cube™ unit has a visible user interface where you can view current temperature and status without opening the container, as well as readouts through Bluetooth and apps for precise temperature set-point control.

All Cold Cube™ containers can be personalised to individual applications, including wire shelves/racks, transport kits (including wheels and a pallet base), Bluetooth modules, fixing kits, handle locking kits and AC/DC converters.

Pharma GDP compliant

The range of Cold Cube™ pharma units from MFS are also designed to meet the stringent temperature-controlled requirements of pharmaceutical transport with the heating and cooling function, allowing for more precise temperature control within the load space, regardless of the outside ambient conditions.

According to Mark Howell, “All the Cold Cube™ products are pharma GDP compliant, making them ideal for the safe transportation of biomedical products, like vaccines, blood bags and blood tubes, biological samples, delivered in the most demanding of environmental conditions.”

Ideally suited to temperature critical pharma deliveries

Mark continues, “They are the ideal solution for deliveries from distribution centres to pharmacies and from wholesalers direct to patients to help operators cope with peak distribution periods.”

Cold Storage Solutions

Cold Cube™ from Marshall Fleet Solutions is part of a range of ultra-low temperature, flexible and adaptable refrigeration solutions from Thermo King that optimise the storage and protection of temperature-sensitive perishables and pharmaceuticals, for use in temporary refrigeration storage at temperature set-points between -70°C to +40°C.

Mark Howell concludes, “With Cold Cube™, the variety of applications is only limited by the end users imagination as they can be used for unplanned temporary cold storage requirements at an instant, without the need for significant long-term investment in brand-new, high specification vehicles. With the rise in demand for temporary cold storage needs for pharmaceuticals and extra capacity in the medical environment, these products offer safe, effective, flexible, mobile storage, whilst being fully manufactured in accordance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines for pharma applications.”

Find out more about the full range of Cold Cube™ products here > Marshall Thermo King


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