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Transport Refrigeration – General

Q. What information do you require to specify a new Thermo King refrigeration system?

A. Typical questions we would ask to ensure that the system can carry your designated products at the correct temperature are:

What type of products do you transport? Are they frozen or chilled? How many door openings per hour? What’s the length of a normal journey?

Choice is everything.

With refrigerated transport, there are so many parameters that affect the performance of a refrigeration system. The more knowledge we have about your transport operation, the more accurate specification of system can be recommended by our skilled experts.

We have produced an easy-to-complete, step-by-step information document that asks all the relevant questions that will enable us to specify the optimum fridge system for your vehicles.

Simply fill in our on-line, easy-to-complete ‘Choices’ document here and we will do the rest. Alternatively, call us on 0800 731 1685 and we will talk you through the questions.

We will then review your requirements and contact you by return with our recommendations.

Spec your fridge here

Q. Can our refrigerated vehicles carry more than one product within the body?

A. Of course they can. Thermo King multi-temperature refrigeration systems cater for a wide variety of mixed loads across a wide temperature range covering frozen, chilled and ambient goods.

Q. Do you offer a service and maintenance agreement with our new Thermo King refrigeration systems?

A. Yes we do, through our Contract Maintenance Division, using our own dedicated Marshall service support staff nationwide, ensuring consistent service where ever you are and where ever your vehicles are working. Call 0800 7311 685 – 24/7 for more details.

Q. We operate a mixed fleet. Can you service our non-Thermo King refrigeration systems?

A. Yes, we can undertake the servicing of all makes of transport refrigeration unit. Just ring our Customer helpline on 0800 731 1685 for details of your local MFS branch.

Q. We have just added Thermo King refrigeration systems to our latest vehicles, how do we access the online operations manuals?

A. These are available to download.

Q. How much fuel can I save by switching to the new Thermo King SLXi trailer systems?

A. TK has developed s special calculator which will work out the fuel saving you should achieve. Input your information at

Transport Refrigeration – LCV’s

Q. Are there preventative measures we can take so the refrigeration system works to its best ability in the summer?

A. Keep door openings to a minimum and turn unit off whilst loading the freezer and chiller.

Q. Our refrigeration system keeps icing up in the back, what can I do?

A. Turn the unit off whilst loading the freezer and chiller.

Do not pressure washer/hose down inside chiller or freezer.

Defrost unit on return visits to store and after loading.

Q. What is the best practise for running our transport refrigeration systems on standby?

A. Ensure the power is turned off at the wall.

Inspect the lead for damage and keep the Standby leads tidy and off the floor (to avoid water and damage)

Plug the lead into the socket on the van.

Turn the fridge on and check the temperature settings.

Transport Refrigeration – F-Gas Refrigerant Update

Q. What’s the latest position with R404A refrigerant and the new F-Gas regulations?

A. The refrigerant most widely used in Thermo King refrigeration units is R404A, however changes to the F-Gas regulations has brought about the need for Thermo King and Marshall Fleet Solutions to change their refrigerant usage policy.

TK has now developed all its new fridge units to run on R452A refrigerant, which is widely available and meets all future legislation.

For a full explanation of the impact of the new F-Gas legislation either call us on 0800 7311 685 or simply download our latest F-Gas Update leaflet here.

Q. Can we switch to the new R452A refrigerant on our current vehicles that have TK units specified with R404A?

A. Yes you can, quite easily. With the development of R 452A refrigerant in new TK units, with its lower GWP, MFS is now offering R452A as a replacement (drop-in/conversion) on existing customer TK fridge units. This is a relatively straightforward conversion to the fridge unit, supported by Thermo King technology and MFS‘s F-Gas compliant engineers, which can be carried out in conjunction with schedule services and/or refrigerant leak checks.

If you wish to proceed with R452A conversions for those vehicles currently operating with TK units running on R404A either call us on 0800 7311 685 or simply download our ‘Changing the Gas’ leaflet here for more information.

Q. Does MFS have an overall environmental policy?

A. MFS is committed to the environmental principles of responsible stewardship and sustainability. If you click here you can download the latest MFS Environmental Policy Statement.

Transport Refrigeration – Calibration

Q – Do I need to have my fridge system calibrated annually by law ?

A – No this is not a legal requirement – but you will have to demonstrate due diligence that your loads have been transported at the correct temperature during transit. MFS will calibrate the refrigeration equipment at 0 degrees C annually, as standard.

Q – I carry Pharmaceutical Products. What are my calibration requirements?

A – An annual calibration is normally suitable at 0 degrees C but, dependant on your own internal processes, you may require additional temperature ranges and checks. We call these a Temperature Performance Certificate, as they are testing the capability of the whole refrigerated body as well as the refrigeration unit. Contact MFS for Pharma assistance.

Q – To what standard does Marshall use for on there temperature test equipment ?

A – Marshall tests all engineers temperature testing equipment annually to UKAS Standards.

Transport Refrigeration – Connectivity

Q – Is TouchLog Datalogger compatible with third party telematics connectivity?

A – Yes, it is. Contact your MFS representative for more detailed information.

Q – Does TouchLog Datalogger incorporate an integrated printer for Point of Delivery temperature ticket?

A – It incorporates a high-speed thermal printer, printing tabular or graphical data and can also be downloaded to .PDF or .TXT files via a USB device.

Q – Is TouchLog Datalogger certified to EN12830 and WELMEC 7.2 standards?

A – Yes, it does meet those standards and its accuracy is 0.5 degrees C.

Q – What is the memory capacity of TouchLog Datalogger?

A – 8Mb, allowing for on board minimum storage of 12 months data.

Tail Lifts

Q. Is a Statutory Thorough Examination (STE) a legal requirement?

A. Yes It is a legal requirement that you have a current report of thorough examination (STE) for the tail lifts that are fitted to your vehicles.

Q. How often should a Statutory Thorough Examination (STE) be carried out?

A. Every 6 months if the lift in question carries any passengers at any time, this also includes animals. Every 12 months for any lift that can be proved does not ever carry passengers.

Q. What sort of Tail Lift do I need?

A. This depends on what operation and environment it is to be used in, Marshall Fleet Solutions can work with customers to advise which lift would be best suited. Just call 0800 7311 685 and request a call back or email

Q. How often does a lift require a Weight test and is it a legal requirement?

A. Once the lift has been fitted and a weight test carried out before first use, then legally it does not require another test, unless it has a structural repair.

However, it is recommended that a weight test is carried out annually to highlight any problems or issues that may be occurring un-noticed without weight being applied.

Q. At what intervals does my tail lift require routine servicing?

A.  It all depends on the usage and environment that it is being used in. Always remember that sometimes very occasional use can be just as harmful to the lift as very heavy use. Again, at Marshall Tail Lift, we can advise on specific customer needs.

Q. What is the best practice to wash a Palfinger column tail lift?

A. Download the Palfinger Lubrication Guide (here).

General rules are:
(1) Do not use aggressive cleaners
(2) Do not wash out the columns
(3) Re-lube where required or request technical assistance
(4) ONLY use the Original Equipment Manufacturer Guidelines on the type and location to add the lubrication.

Solar Panels

Q. What applications are your solar panels designed for?

A. Manufactured by Thermo King, our ThermoLite™ Solar Panels are proven and tested for commercial vehicles: ideally suitable for tractor units, rigid trucks, all makes of transport refrigeration systems and even tail lifts.

Q. Do you supply and fit the solar panels?

A. Our solar panels are available either on a ‘supply only’ basis or on a ‘supply and fit’ basis. Installation is quick and simple, a rapid 60 minute installation. Each solar panel is supplied with a 2-year Thermo King parts warranty as standard.

Q. What is the return on investment for fitting them?

A. Once fitted, you should experience instant savings, and a quick ROI within 12 months

Contract Maintenance

Q. How do we place a service or breakdown call?

A. Call 0800 7311 685 – 24/7.

The Marshall staff member will answer your call day and night. We will then raise the incident or event and will issue you with a unique reference number, and inform you of the progress on the attendance. Finally, we will confirm once the repair has been attended and completed. For safety on all parties, the MFS engineer will carry out a Dynamic risk assessment on each site attendance.

Q. How do I gain access to MFS paperwork?

A. MFS engineers will not issue you with a paperwork copy but they will ask you to sign their electronic devices. We operate a unique system A.S.D – Automated Service Deliver. Simply call us on 0800 7311 685 to request to be added to the service (or email and add ASD into the subject line).

We will then email you all the validated service sheets once completed by MFS and the email will contain all the sheets completed and carried out by the engineer on his latest visit.

Q. How can you keep me compliant for service STE and FGAS legislation?

A. All MFS engineers are trained to the industry standards. We have full time trainers to provide a full year training programme, ensuring all engineers are up to date with the latest advance technology and compliance requirements.

Refrigeration engineers are F-GAS trained, Tail Lift engineers are Loler, STE trained. We own and operate our own training school. Our engineers are equipped with Tetra tab communication devices which provide swift data transfer and technical support.

Q. Who do I contact at MFS for Area Sales and account support?

A. Marshall Fleet Solutions has a dedicated team of Key Account Managers who will be able to assist you in your direct dealings with the company. All Marshall Accounts are handled by dedicated Marshall staff to provide a consultative service to support you and your customers.

Just call 0800 7311 685 and request a call back or email


Q. How many stock locations do you have in UK?

A. We have 5 MFS depots plus various remote stockholdings from which parts can be collected. All our depots are listed here:

Q. Do you only sell Thermo King spare parts?

A. No. We sell parts for all temperature control equipment manufacturers, as well as a large selection of tail lift spare parts for most manufacturers.

Q. Do you offer same-day/next day delivery?

A. Yes we do. We have a fleet of dedicated MFS parts delivery vehicles and we supplement this by using a selection of courier services for this purpose.

Q. Do you sell “service kits” (filters, belts, etc.)

A. Yes we do. These are available ex stock from all MFS locations.

Q. Do you offer additional discount for bulk purchases (filters, belts, etc.)

A. Yes. This is negotiable dependent upon volume requirements.

Q. Do you offer reconditioned and recycled spare parts?

A. Yes we do, subject to availability.

Q. Can we have access to an online parts catalogue and price list?

A. This can be arranged upon request.

Marshall Fleet Solutions

Q. Does Marshall Fleet Solutions cover EU breakdowns?

A. Marshall Fleet Solutions work to provide EU and Worldwide support, either via service partners or by direct Marshall engineer attendance.

Q. Does Marshall Fleet Solutions provide any other mobile engineering support?

A. Yes, we are a mobile engineering resource, with over 40yrs of experience working on customers sites completing various types of works from repairs to installations across the world.

Q. How can I be sure that MFS will work safely and cleanly on my site?

All MFS engineers are trained to complete Dynamic Risk Assessments during each site visit. They carry all Risk Assessments and Data sheets required to comply with the strictest of requirements.

As part of the Marshall Group of companies, we follow the strict Group guidelines on Health & Safety, and the Environment; we treat all incidents and near misses extremely seriously.

MFS regularly participates in HSE discussion and with industry bodies to ensure that we represent you and our industry in legislation and best practice changes.

Q. How can we work together with Marshall Fleet Solutions?

A. Marshall Fleet Solutions is always looking for strong relationships with future suppliers as potential partners. Please complete the contact sheet, so we can start the journey together.

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